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Cancer Policies

Cancer Policies

Cancer Policies Medical Malpractice

Questionable Cancer Insurance Policies

Our South Carolina Injury Lawyers Are Seeking Class Action

The South Carolina medical malpractice attorneys at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC have filed a lawsuit in South Carolina Federal Court seeking class action status on behalf of all people who have ever purchased a cancer policy from the Life Insurance Company of Alabama.

These polices, which have been sold for more than twenty years, were marketed as a type of “supplemental insurance.” Purchasers of these policies believe that their normal health insurance (or Medicare and Medicaid) would not reduce the amount paid to the purchaser but rather pay the money directly to them. When submitting bills to Life Insurance Company of Alabama, they would demand to see how much their health insurance paid before paying any amount on the claim. This is not required under the policy and is a violation of the contract.

These purchasers also thought that they would be receiving the “actual value” of the covered charges for their cancer treatment. Pursuant to the policy, the Life Insurance Company of Alabama would pay the full value of the “usual and customary” charges for the particular treatment they received. However, the insurance company would only pay a reduced amount after the submission of bills. They claimed that the client was not liable to pay the full amount to the healthcare provider and thus would reduce the amount they paid to the purchaser of the cancer policy. This reduction in reimbursement is a clear violation of the plain meaning of the language in the policy.

Discover what an honest cancer insurance policy attorney in SC can do for you

If you have ever purchased a cancer policy from the Life Insurance Company of Alabama at any time in the past, you may have legal rights resulting from these improper actions. Even if you have never filed a claim for reimbursement of cancer treatment, you may be entitled to compensation for your loss due to the Life Insurance Company of Alabama’s actions.

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