Feb28, 2017

Shoulder Implant Recalled Over High Risk of Fracture

By |Feb 28, 2017|Categories: Defective Products, Medical Devices|0 Comments

In mid-February, the US Food & Drug Administration issued a Class I recall for a type of shoulder implant. The device, manufactured by Zimmer Biomet, is being recalled because of a high risk of fracture [...]

Feb23, 2017

Lawsuit Filed Against Sorin, Makers of Infected Heater-Coolers Linked to the Deaths of Four Patients

By |Feb 23, 2017|Categories: Medical Devices|0 Comments

McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC has filed a class-action lawsuit and single cases against Sorin, maker of the Sorin 3T Heater-Cooler, after the FDA made public that many of the devices sold by this company [...]

Feb21, 2017

How to Know If the Sorin 3T Lawsuit Applies to You

By |Feb 21, 2017|Categories: Defective Products|0 Comments

The Sorin 3T Heater-Cooler is a complicated medical device that allows highly trained surgeons to perform some of the most advanced medical procedures on the planet. The device is used in more than half of [...]

Feb16, 2017

Why Sorin 3T Mycobacteria Contamination Is So Dangerous

By |Feb 16, 2017|Categories: Medical Devices, Medical Malpractice|0 Comments

The Sorin 3T Heater-Cooler class action lawsuit affects an estimated 60% of patients who have undergone open chest surgery since 2012. A recent investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention matched bacterial contamination [...]

Feb14, 2017

It’s Not Your Cardboard Fast Food That Might Kill You; It’s the Paper Wrapping

By |Feb 14, 2017|Categories: Defective Products|0 Comments

By now, the dangers of fast food should carry little surprise. Pink slime, mechanically separated meat, meals that pack in twice the daily recommended value of calories or salt, high levels of MSG and enough [...]

Feb7, 2017

There’s a Good Chance That Your Plane’s Captain Is Clinically Depressed

By |Feb 7, 2017|Categories: Personal Injury|0 Comments

Hundreds of flights are crisscrossing the country right now; those flights are carrying millions of people to their loved ones for the holidays. While flying is statistically safer than driving, a new survey has revealed [...]

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