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The sexual abuse of any person is a heinous act, but it is especially reprehensible when it happens to someone who cannot help him or herself against an aggressor. Older residents are extremely vulnerable because of their physical limitations and are often unable to defend themselves. Because of the risks posed by staff, other residents and strangers, nursing facilities should take proper precautions to make sure sexual abuse of their residents is prevented.

A South Carolina nursing home sexual abuse lawyer at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, reviews what sexual abuse occurred, who the perpetrator was, why the abuse occurred, and who the responsible parties are. We demand a full investigation of sexual abuse and sue, when necessary, to hold the wrongdoers liable. We have been successfully handling nursing home cases for decades.

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People who commit sexual abuse in nursing homes


Sexual abuse includes a range of improper conduct, including rape, sexual coercion, sexual assault, inappropriate touching, sodomy, sexual harassment, and other wrongs. When nursing homes are negligent in protecting their residents from abuse, they should be held accountable. Perpetrators of sexual abuse in assisted living facilities can include:

  • Nursing home staff. Nursing home staff have regular access to most residents. They often help residents with bathing, dressing, and bathroom functions. These situations can lead to sexual abuse. Many nursing home residents could have been prevented if the nursing home had done a proper criminal background check on their staff. Nursing homes should also train their staff on improper conduct and in noticing the signs of sexual abuse.
  • Another resident. Most nursing homes now have male and female residents. While this can be great for social interaction, co-ed nursing homes can create problems for weak and fragile residents. The nursing home staff should be trained to properly study their residents for signs of abuse and for signs of uncivil conduct, which may lead to sexual abuse.
  • Strangers in the facility. Most facilities have nothing more than a sign-in sheet for visitors who want to enter the nursing home. Even in secure facilities, there are often ways for a stranger to enter the facility through an open door. Strangers can be those who visit the facility to see another resident or strangers who do not have a legitimate reason to be in the building.
  • A family member. Sadly, there is often no one checking on relatives who enter the facility to visit a resident. Social interaction may become sexual abuse. Nursing homes can be held responsible if they do not monitor the situation. This is especially true for repeat sexual misconduct.

Some of the signs of sexual abuse


Abuse often goes unreported by the victim. It is up to the nursing home or a family member to look for the signs. Some of the signs of sexual abuse are:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Genital infections
  • Sheets that are stained or bloody
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Bruising or bleeding in or near the genital areas and breasts
  • An unusual lack of communication or social interest in a patient
  • Unusual social reactions when the wrongdoer is near

Any resident who suffers sexual abuse should be seen by a doctor immediately, and the incident must be reported to the police.

Contact McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, if you suspect sexual abuse in a nursing home

If you suspect a parent or loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse, there are steps that should be taken. Please contact one of the South Carolina nursing home sexual abuse lawyers at McGowan, Felder & Hood, LLC, if one of the signs of sexual abuse is apparent. We investigate to determine if the nursing home violated a federal or state nursing home law. Even when there is no violation of the law, we look to determine if the nursing home was negligent in its duty to protect its residents.

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