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South Carolina Nursing Home Assault Lawyers Represent Abuse Victims

A law firm that stands up for innocent assault victims

Nursing homes should be places where we can trust that our parents, relatives, and friends can be comfortable and happy as they age. The elderly and their families rely on nursing homes to provide good health care and social interaction for each resident. While most nursing homes honor this trust, some nursing homes do not properly protect their residents. Many assaults in nursing homes are due to the lack of training of staff members on how to calmly and properly manage the physical and emotional problems of the elderly. Some assaults are caused by other residents or by unsupervised visitors.

The elderly are especially prone to assault because they cannot physically defend themselves. Older victims often have serious injuries after an assault because the wounds do not heal quickly. Assault injuries can include broken bones, internal damage, and other injuries, which can be permanent. At McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, we work with the family to determine who committed the assault and what should have been done by the nursing home to prevent it. An experienced South Carolina nursing home assault lawyer knows how to build a strong nursing home assault case. Our success record speaks volumes.

Key considerations in assault cases

At McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, we know that a prompt and thorough follow-up is crucial to building a case for compensation when you or your loved one has been assaulted. Our attorneys:

  • Know the signs of an assault. Many residents may be afraid to admit they were assaulted. They may fear being assaulting again or may feel ashamed that the assault happened. Family members should look to see if a victim has any bruises, cuts, welts, or scars. They should examine whether their loved one is depressed, withdrawn, or failing to communicate. Assaults do not have to leave physical scars to be considered nursing home abuse.
  • Help to secure treatment for the victim. The first priority in any assault case is to treat the injuries so the resident can heal from the physical pain and emotional scars. Many victims of assault need to work with a general doctor and with specialists such as orthopedists and psychiatrists.
  • Determine what happened and why. Do not assume that the nursing home will admit responsibility. A South Carolina nursing home assault lawyer knows how to investigate the case to show what happened. We speak with witnesses, review documents and records, investigate similar complaints, and work with the local police when they are called to investigate.
  • Investigate what prevention steps were taken and which ones were missed. Nursing homes can be held liable for neglect if they do not run a proper criminal background check on staff members, if they do not train their staff members the right way, if they do not monitor visitors, or if they do not properly monitor residents.

People who commit nursing home assaults

Our South Carolina nursing home assault attorneys know that people who commit assaults often do not admit to their wrong. Our firm uses our extensive experience in nursing home abuse cases to discover who committed the assault. Some of the people who may have done this wrong are:

  • Staff members. Some staff members do not know how to deal with patients appropriately. The nursing home staff members may physically shove or push a resident who they think is not being cooperative. They may try to force feed a patient who is not eating.
  • Other residents. Some residents may get into arguments with other seniors and assault another patient.
  • Strangers. A stranger can enter the building and conduct an assault. We review who had access to the building at the time of the assault.
  • People who know someone in the facility. A relative or friend of another resident may have committed the assault.

Experienced attorneys at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips fight for nursing home assault victims

The South Carolina nursing home assault lawyers of McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, leave no stone unturned to get justice for victims of nursing home assaults. Residents should never have to suffer or worry about being attacked by another. When nursing homes could have stopped the attack, we work aggressively to make the nursing home pay for their failures. We seek to get the victims of assaults a full and just recovery.

You can call our offices at 803-327-7800 or complete our contact form for a free appointment. We have five offices in South Carolina at Anderson, Columbia, Georgetown, Rock Hill, and Sumter. We see residents at the nursing home if they are not mobile.