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Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

South Carolina Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Addresses FAQs From Families

Individuals living in nursing homes are entitled to proper care, dignity and respect, and not all nursing home residents are able to defend themselves against elder abuse. Families who suspect mistreatment of a loved one must not hesitate to act. Our South Carolina injury lawyers help families by reporting elder abuse, filing nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuits and holding the facilities responsible to better protect other residents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elderly Abuse and Neglect

What are the warning signs that elderly abuse and neglect is occurring in nursing homes? 

Not all individuals living in nursing homes are able to report abuse or neglect themselves, and family members may be the only people looking out for their interests. The following are serious warning signs that elderly abuse and neglect is taking place:

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Who is responsible for elderly abuse or neglect? 

The nursing home facility is responsible for the care of all its residents, even if the intentional or neglectful actions are the result of only one staff member. Nursing homes must perform extensive background checks on staff members, provide proper training, have adequate security measures in place and provide continuous supervision of employees and residents. There is never any excuse for nursing home abuse and neglect, and the facilities must be held accountable.

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What do I do if I suspect abuse and neglect is occurring?

Contact a nursing home neglect attorney to discuss your case; we can help you report abuse and neglect to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. We begin the investigation of abuse and neglect by first filing a request under the Freedom of Information Act to determine if the facility has been involved in similar prior cases. Once we file a lawsuit, we can subpoena records and security tapes as well as take witness depositions to collect evidence of the abuse and neglect.

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Can I afford a nursing home abuse lawsuit?

For all our personal injury cases, including elder abuse and neglect, our nursing home lawyers provide for attorney fees to be paid on a contingent basis. This means that your attorneys will receive payment from the resulting settlement or verdict, and if your case is not successful, you will not owe us any attorney fees. Contact our office at once for a free consultation to discuss your case and to protect your loved one.

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