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Sumter Obstetrical Malpractice

Experienced Sumter, SC Obstetrical Malpractice Attorneys

Holding South Carolina doctors, nurses, midwifes, and hospitals accountable

There is nothing like the sheer joy of bringing a new, health baby into the world. There is also nothing more tragic than losing a mother or child, or having the mother or newborn leave the hospital with a disability or serious injuries. The problems that can arise during pregnancy and delivery are well known to medical professionals. The treatments and ways to handle complications are also well understood.

The Sumter obstetrical malpractice lawyers at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, fight for injured mothers and children. We work with experienced medical professionals to analyze the cause of the medical error. Our legal team is adept at determining who is responsible and proving negligence in court when it occurs. We demand compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, medical bills, surgery costs, and rehabilitation expenses.

Common pregnancy mistakes and complications

Our Sumter OB malpractice attorneys help South Carolina mothers and children get justice in state and federal courts. We fight aggressively to get just settlements with insurance companies. Some of the common reasons medical mistakes happen during pregnancy are:

  • Abruption of the placenta. Fetuses need the mother’s placenta for nourishment. When a placenta abruption occurs, the fetus loses access to the placenta because the placenta moves away from the mother’s uterus. When placenta abruption occurs, the fetus can lose those nutrients and also lose oxygen or blood needed to survive.
  • Placenta previa. If the placenta partially or fully covers the mother’s cervix, both mother and child can be at risk for medical complications. Known risks include bleeding and the need for an emergency C-section.
  • Gestational diabetes. Mothers, with or without a prior history of diabetes, may develop gestational diabetes. If this condition occurs, the newborn may suffer brachial plexus or breathing difficulties. The mother may develop preeclampsia or Type 2 diabetes. She may also be at increased risk for medical complications in a future pregnancy.
  • Preeclampsia difficulties. Preeclampsia is a well-known risk for expectant mothers. The condition can cause the mother to lose oxygen, have a seizure, or have a placental abruption. OB/GYNs should know how to diagnose and treat preeclampsia.
  • Untimely treatment. Birth professionals need to recognize complications during the delivery and other phases of the pregnancy as soon as they occur. Treatment should be accurate and fast to avoid further complications, including irreversible problems.
  • Prescription errors. Doctors and nurses should know which drugs are needed for the full range of birth-related problems. Doctors should prescribe the correct drugs in the proper dosages. Nurses should administer the right medication to the right patient. All professionals should be aware of what other drugs the mother is using to avoid dangerous interactions.
  • Mistakes in testing. When physicians fail to order normal pregnancy tests and necessary tests for complications that arise, they need to be held accountable. Medical professionals also have a responsibility to read the test results correctly.
  • Monitoring malpractice. Loss of oxygen for just a second can cause permanent harm. Bleeding and abnormal heart rates that are not addressed promptly can mean death or a lifetime of care. Delivery room doctors should use fetal monitoring strips and other methods to properly monitor mother and child.
  • Midwife errors. Midwives can fail to recognize emergencies during delivery or not know how to respond to complications. High-risk mothers should have their child in a hospital. Midwives who cause a newborn to develop cerebral palsy or who fail to ensure that the fetus is delivered through a necessary C-section should be held liable for their mistakes.

We understand the pain and anxiety injured clients and their families endure. Our Sumter OB malpractice lawyers calmly explain what doctors should have done and guide our clients through the litigation process.

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Do not suffer alone. You may have a strong case. At McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, our Sumter pregnancy malpractice lawyers understand why medical mistakes happen. We have a team of attorneys ready to assist clients in Sumter bringing claims against birth care professionals. Our firm takes the tough cases that demand a full knowledge of the long-term care that may be needed. To schedule a free consultation at our Columbia office, please call us at 803-327-7800 or complete our contact form.

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