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When faced with an illness, you count on your physician and your prescribed medications to assist with healing and controlling the pain. Unfortunately, the drugs and devices that are supposed to help you sometimes make matters significantly worse. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly introducing new medications and medical instruments for prescribed usage. In some cases, these new innovations are made available without adequate testing or in spite of known defects. If you are injured by a dangerous drug or device, the services of a knowledgeable Sumter dangerous drug and devices attorney are vitally important to filing a successful claim. Trust the many years of experience of the lawyers at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC.

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Handling all types of medical product liability claims



A variety of situations may lead to a dangerous drug or device claim. Some examples include:

  • Dangerous drugs. A pharmaceutical company releases a new drug into the marketplace. The drug has side effects that can prove deadly without treatment. Though the company knew about these side effects, it released the drug without proper warning to physicians or consumers. A user of the drug becomes ill from the side effects and requires hospitalization. The user may bring a dangerous drug claim against the pharmaceutical company.
  • Dangerous devices. A company releases a medical device that assists patients with knee injuries. The metal device is implanted into the knee to assist with movement. A consumer enters the hospital with intense pains in the leg and other complications. It is determined that the implanted device has weakened and pieces of metal broke away inside of the patient’s body. The patient may bring a claim against the designer and/or manufacturer of the defective device.

To learn more about the different scenarios that may lead to a dangerous drug or defective device claim, turn to our Sumter product liability lawyers. Our attorneys are currently handling claims involving:

  • Valsartan
  • Elmiron
  • Zantac
  • Truvada
  • Paragard IUDs
  • Hernia mesh

Understanding dangerous drug and device claims


Some dangerous drug cases are litigated as mass tort actions, where a class action suit is brought against the defendant. The purpose of a class action suit is to bring similar claims together for consideration by the same court. From the perspective of the plaintiff, the increased numbers may prove more credible to the court. They may also result in higher compensation amounts, especially if the judge decides to award punitive damages. Though these class action suits often cross state lines, our attorneys assist you in identifying any appropriate class action matter.

However, many dangerous drug and device claims are inappropriate for a class action matter. These claims are extremely involved and successful litigation requires substantial review of corporate documents and your relevant health records. When going against these large organizations, a common tactic is to bury the plaintiff in documentation. An experienced Sumter personal injury lawyer is equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle these tactics.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of securing million dollar settlements and verdicts for dangerous drug and defective medical device clients. We maintain a network of highly respected medical professionals who accurately interpret medical records and present professionally as an expert witness.

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