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Gestational diabetes is a fairly common condition in pregnancies. About one in five pregnant women will suffer this medical disorder, which poses severe health risks for both the mother and child. Gestational diabetes means the mother's body is unable to properly regulate her blood glucose levels. Women who did not have diabetes before the pregnancy may develop gestational diabetes. Many mothers do not become diabetic after the baby is delivered.

At McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, our South Carolina gestational diabetes lawyers have the experience, skills, and resources to try complex medical malpractice cases. We work with independent medical professionals to help confirm that doctors, nurses, and others have neglected their patients. For more than 20 years, we have been servicing the local community in Anderson, Rock Hill, Columbia, Sumter, and Georgetown.

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Gestational diabetes in pregnant mothers


Some women do not have any physical symptoms of gestational diabetes, while others experience fatigue, infections, weight loss, nausea, increased urination, increased thirst, and blurred vision. Risk factors for gestational diabetes include age, a family history of diabetes, obesity, being out of shape, and excess amniotic fluid. Native American, Asian, African-America, and Hispanic women have a higher risk of gestational diabetes than other ethnic groups.

Common risk factors include:

  • Increased insulin in the mother and child. Excess insulin and high blood glucose levels can cause baby fat syndrome, medically called fetal macrosomia. Extra-large newborns are at risk for brachial plexus injury, shoulder dystocia, and other birth injuries. They are also more likely to be overweight during their lifetime.
  • Early labor and delivery. Children who are born too soon may develop a breathing disorder called respiratory distress syndrome.
  • Preeclampsia. This disorder is usually accompanied by high blood pressure. It can cause a variety of medical problems, including placental abruption, organ damage, heart disease, blood vessel disorders, HELLP syndrome, and blood flow problems.
  • Caesarian risk. This disorder can lead to the need for a C-section, which has numerous risks.
  • Diabetes risk. Gestational diabetes leads to increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and an increased risk of gestational diabetes in subsequent pregnancies.
  • Other serious medical conditions. Mothers can also face kidney damage, eye problems, and nerve complications.

If a doctor failed to properly diagnose or treat your gestational diabetes, our attorneys are prepared to help.

Medical malpractice and gestational diabetes


Doctors and nurses should check for gestational diabetes during the pregnancy. There are many treatments that can help to reduce the health risks significantly. Physicians and health providers can be held accountable if they fail to:

  • Check for the gestational diabetes, including ordering the proper medical tests
  • Diagnose the condition
  • Provide proper treatments
  • Monitor the mother and child during the pregnancy

Some of the known treatments for gestational diabetes are:

  • Monitoring blood glucose levels
  • Changing the diet of the mother
  • Insulin injections to keep the blood sugar at the right level
  • Creating an exercise schedule
  • Prescribing the right medications

When a doctor fails to meet a reasonable standard of care and causes harm, our firm will fight for you.

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