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Delay of Medical Treatments

Delay of Medical Treatments

Strong Advocacy When South Carolina Doctors Delay Medical Treatment for Pregnant Mothers

Helping families get justice for OB negligence in Rock Hill, Anderson, Columbia, Sumter, and Georgetown

Doctors who delay proper medical treatments can cause mothers and children to suffer birth injuries, endure lifelong harm, or even die. Delayed treatment can occur during the gestation period, during the delivery, or after the infant is born. OB/GYNs should be trained to anticipate the full range of medical problems that can occur during a woman’s pregnancy. Even though time may be short in the birthing room, experienced doctors understand which treatments are needed and can make adjustments quickly and competently. The same holds true for the pre-birth and post-birth process.

At McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, our South Carolina OB malpractice lawyers work with medical professionals who understand what treatments are needed and when they should be given. Our lawyers fight to hold negligent doctors, hospitals, and other birth professionals accountable for their mistakes. It is rare that a delay in treatment can be treated with just a drug or some method that reverses the damage. The key is not to delay treatment in the first place. We help residents in Rock Hill, Anderson, Columbia, Sumter, and Georgetown hold negligent medical providers responsible for the injuries they cause.

Recognizing the signs of fetal distress

Doctors should look out for a variety of medical problems during the gestation period and in the delivery room, including fetal distress. While the baby is in the womb, it gets oxygen from the mother’s blood supply. The baby needs the oxygen to stay healthy. If the baby’s blood supply is diminished, it is called ischemia. If the amount of oxygen is reduced, it is called hypoxia. Both ischemia and hypoxia are forms of fetal distress. The baby’s and the mother’s lives are both at risk if fetal distress occurs. Oxygen deprivation can cause permanent brain damage or death. If normal medical treatment does not help immediately, then a C-section is often the remedy. If a doctor fails to recognize or properly treat fetal distress, the consequences can be catastrophic. Our South Carolina medical malpractice lawyers are prepared to help you when a doctor fails to treat you or your baby in a timely manner.

Reasons for C-sections

Cesarean sections are often a necessary medical treatment in complicated deliveries. C-sections have many risks for both the baby and the mother. C-sections are performed for many reasons, including:

  • Problems with the placenta, such as placenta abruption and placenta previa
  • A rupture of the uterine walls
  • Breech births
  • Fetal distress
  • Problems with the umbilical cord
  • Prior Caesarians
  • The risk of preeclampsia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • An infant who has a birth defect diagnosis
  • If there are twins or multiple children

A delay in the performing a C-section or a failure in performing the C-section competently can cause additional harm, such as hemorrhaging; a lack of oxygen, which can cause cerebral palsy, brain damage, or autism; and maternal infections. Other complications can include difficulties in physical development and physical injury.

Failure to perform a timely C-section can cause the mother or child to die. If the child lives, he or she may require around-the-clock care. In wrongful fetal death cases, the family members can demand damages for the loss of a loved one. If long-term or short-term care is required, damages include payment of all reasonable medical bills and the pain and suffering of the mother or child who was harmed. Mothers who are injured may also demand lost income if they cannot work. Our South Carolina OB malpractice attorneys fight to get all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

Contact a reliable South Carolina delayed treatment lawyer today

OB/GYNs should be trained to handle medical emergencies. They should be able to anticipate and remedy most of the problems mothers and newborns may encounter during the pre-delivery, delivery, and post-deliver stages. If your child or a mother suffers because of medical malpractice, time is important. Delay can hurt you in two respects. It can mean the child or mother does not get necessary medical help or it can hurt the ability to prove neglect occurred. To schedule a free case evaluation with a lawyer at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, call 803-327-7800 or complete our contact form. We have offices in Rock Hill, Anderson, Columbia, Sumter, and Georgetown.