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Columbia, SC Truck Accident Lawyers Fighting for Your Future

Truck Accident Attorneys in ColumbiaSkilled legal representation for people hurt by negligent commercial truck drivers in South Carolina

Auto accidents are frightening, even when they’re relatively minor. A collision with a commercial truck, however, is more than just frightening – it can be absolutely life changing. The Columbia, SC truck accident lawyers of McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, have protected the rights of victims throughout this state for years. If you were hurt by a negligence truck driver in South Carolina, we’re the firm you can trust to stand by your side.

Big trucks mean big problems in collisions

Big-rigs. Semis. Tractor-trailers. 18-wheelers. Call them what you want, but commercial trucks rule the roads in our state, bringing goods to and from companies and people throughout the country. Because of their sheer size, most commercial trucks cause considerable damage – to other cars, to property and to passengers and drivers – when they crash. As the person in the other car, you may be faced with:

  • Considerable personal injuries. Broken spines, crushed limbs, serious internal organ or brain damage – these are the types of injuries that a truck accident in South Carolina can cause. Under the most tragic of circumstances, your loved one could die in a crash with a commercial truck.
  • Substantial medical bills. “Big” injuries means big bills. When you are forced to see multiple doctors, take multiple medications or undergo multiple forms of treatment, those medical bills can get away from you You also have your regular, day-to-day expenses to take care of (the mortgage, as we well know, doesn’t go away after an accident), and you or your loved one may be out of work, meaning you’ll lose what means you have to pay those daily bills.
  • Complex insurance claims. As much as you want a Columbia truck crash attorney on your side to help you with your medical bills, you need one in order to straighten out any complications with your insurance. Depending on how, when and where the collision occurred, you may have multiple claims into multiple policies, and that means multiple insurers fighting you every step of the way.

What you should know about truck accidents in South Carolina

Interstate 26 runs right through Columbia, SC, and it’s one of the more dangerous roadways in the state. With a 70mph speed limit, it’s an ideal choice for truckers who need to travel across SC, and its junction with I-20 here in Columbia is crucial, as I-20 is one of the major thoroughfares to the rest of the country.

These roadways see a large number of fatal truck accidents every year, most of which can be attributed to driver error. Commercial truck drivers who are fatigued, intoxicated/under the influence of drugs, driving recklessly or are distracted by their mobile devices lead the pack, but poorly maintained trucks and defective auto parts can also lead to serious accidents.

Remember that commercial trucking companies in SC and throughout the country have teams of attorneys on their side, to protect their best interests. It is in your best interests to work with an experienced team of your own, so that your rights are upheld in negotiations or in trials. McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, can and will do exactly that.

How skilled legal representation can help you

In order to obtain the compensation you need in order to get well again, you need a team on your side who understands your goals, and what it will take to achieve them. At McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, you will find experienced Columbia injury attorneys who know what it takes to build a case. We start with:

  • Collecting and reviewing your documentation. We ensure that all of your medical records and insurance policies are reviewed and researched before we move forward. We need to know what you’re covered for as well as the extent of your injuries in order to proceed.
  • Working with witnesses and experts. In the past, our Columbia truck accident attorneys have turned to accident reconstructionists, medical personnel, eyewitnesses and police reports to recreate the circumstances surrounding your crash. This network proves invaluable during jury trials as well as settlement negotiations, as it helps us prove your need and entitlement to compensation.
  • Determining who is at fault. It may seem like the truck driver who hit you is automatically at fault – but what if the driver was doing the right thing and the truck itself failed? What if the crash was related to something entirely outside the driver’s control? In cases like these, you may be entitled to collect compensation from the manufacturer of the truck, the trucking company itself, even from the government or an outside third party. When multiple parties are liable for your injuries, we do what we can to ensure that they are held accountable.
  • Helping you plan for the future. The immediate aftermath of your accident will be a whirlwind of activity. There are reports to review, doctors to visit and people to call. McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, helps you with all of that. We handle the insurance companies entirely, help you secure a rental car when you need one, and fight through the bureaucratic red tape when it comes to the paperwork. If it turns out that you or your loved one will need long-term care, we can help you find the right services for your needs, and put you in touch with an extended support system.

A serious tractor-trailer accident can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering. You deserve a Columbia truck accident attorney who understands exactly what is at stake for you and your family. If you have been hurt in a commercial truck accident, let us help you shoulder the burden and fight on your behalf.

Putting South Carolina truck accident victims first

Few personal injury cases are as complex as those involving truck crashes. A Columbia accident attorney from McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, can help you obtain justice. You don’t have to suffer alone. Trust in us to help you on the path to recovery. We invite you to call 803-779-0100 or to fill out our contact form, and reserve your free consultation time with an experienced attorney at our Columbia, SC office location. If you cannot come to us because of your injuries after the accident, we’ll make arrangements to come to you.

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