Truck Accidents And Insurance Companies

Truck Accident Insurance Claims in South Carolina

Truck Accident Insurance Claims in South Carolina

Negotiating with truck insurance companies

The insurance company may delay your claim, deny your claim or even try to say you did something to cause the accident. You may feel overwhelmed and confused. Our attorneys want you to know that you don’t have to deal with the insurance company on your own after your truck accident.

McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC can step in for you and negotiate with the insurance companies. We work hard on every accident claim we deal with in Columbia, Anderson, Sumter and other communities throughout the state. If necessary, we can bring your case before a judge and jury, if we believe that’s the best way to recover the financial compensation you rightfully deserve. We will not rest until just is served.

Insurance companies will often dispute trucking company liability issues after an accident, especially when they’re working for the trucking company. In fact, many truck company liability issues are normally contentious because the truck driver and trucking companies are often reluctant to admit any wrongdoing. That’s why it’s critical you contact us. We will vigorously protect your rights and fight to hold reckless truck drivers responsible for their actions.

Truck Accident Liability

In the aftermath of a large-scale trucking accident, the main question families may be left wondering is: Who is to blame? While nothing can change the past, the experienced attorneys at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC work tirelessly to help families who sustained injuries from truck accidents answer that question and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Truck accident litigation differs from passenger auto accidents, as there may be multiple parties at fault. Our team of truck accident lawyers and expert reconstructionists commence independent investigations immediately to uncover the truth and find closure after severe and fatal truck accidents.

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Truck Drivers are Liable for Accidents

Truck driver error occurs when a driver does not follow the rules of the road or state and federal regulations. Sometimes, this is due to lack of training or experience. Based on the legal theory of negligence, a truck driver owes a duty to other motorists to operate the truck in a safe and prudent manner. If the driver causes a motor vehicle accident that causes injuries to others as a result, he or she will be personally liable.

Trucking Corporations Who Employ the Driver

Based on a legal theory known as respondent superior, employers are responsible for employees’ actions when working within the scope of employment. This means that a trucking company will also be liable for accidents caused by truck driver error.

Besides being responsible for drivers’ negligent actions, trucking carriers who do not comply with state or federal law will have additional liability for accidents that occur as a result. Carriers are responsible when they push drivers to skirt the legal limits, such as encouraging them to speed, work more or sleep less than the law allows, falsify logbooks or overload the cargo trailer.

Insurance Companies for Truck Company

Just like passenger vehicles, trucking carriers are required to maintain liability insurance policies. The truck’s insurance company will therefore be named a party to truck accident litigation, and the insurance company will have its own attorneys representing its interests and will seek to place the blame elsewhere.

Loading Companies for Negligence

In some situations, truck loading companies may be liable if they acted negligently in overloading trailers or improperly loading cargo that results in an accident.

Truck Part Manufacturers for Defective Auto Parts

If a defect in a truck part was the proximate cause of the accident, the auto part designer or manufacturer will be liable for any injuries that occurred as a result. This could include the original parts in a truck, or added or repaired auto parts.

South Carolina Truck Accident Liability Lawyers Demanding Accountability

Our South Carolina injury lawyers begin an immediate investigation into who is at fault for a trucking accident that caused your catastrophic injuries. Contact our firm today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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Trucking Company Liability

The truck accident attorneys at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC have a firm understanding of trucking company liability issues and how they relate to truck accidents. Establishing who was responsible for a truck accident might seem straightforward. But often, it’s much harder than many people realize.

While the truck driver may have caused the accident, his employer might be liable. The trucking company may have failed to properly train the driver or conduct a thorough background check prior to hiring the driver. There may be multiple parties who were negligent, and they all might refuse to admit any wrongdoing.

At McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC, we know how to investigate trucking accidents and find the facts. We routinely review accident reports and inspection forms. We visit the scene of the accident. We thoroughly investigate trucking companies. We work to obtain critical “black box” information to determine what factors led to your accident. And we’re not intimated by insurance companies.

Truck accidents and insurance companies are a very complicated combination.  Once insurance companies become involved in a trucking accident, you need to be aware that many insurance companies have one agenda: to pay injury victims as little as possible. That’s not right. That’s why we promise we will vigorously fight for your rights. If necessary, we will file a lawsuit in South Carolina to successfully resolve your case.

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