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Brain Injury (TBI)

South Carolina Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Help Injured Victims Get Justice

Firm advocacy for TBI accident sufferers

According to, 1.5 million cases of head trauma are treated in emergency rooms each year and two percent of the US population lives with a traumatic brain injury disability. Many of these traumatic brain injuries, known as TBIs, often occur in serious personal injury cases. A TBI is a blow or wound to the head. It should always be taken seriously and doctors should always check for it after any accident immediately because the symptoms may not be readily apparent.

A South Carolina brain injury lawyer at McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, understands how devastating brain injuries can be. TBI victims can lose their ability to think and their ability to control their senses. Most accident victims with a traumatic brain injury will require extensive rehabilitation therapy. Many also require psychiatric counseling. Our lawyers work with victims and their families to help transition our clients to a life where they can live with the TBI. We do this by helping to prove a wrongdoer was at fault and then demanding that the wrongdoer compensate the TBI victim fully. We have obtained millions in settlements and verdicts for many of our clients. We’re ready to help you.

Causes of traumatic brain injuries

TBIs can be caused by extreme force that rips the brain tissue apart. According to, falls, motor vehicle crashes, physical contact events and assaults are leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. If the assault was due to negligent security, we may be able to sue the property owner. If the physical contact occurred while you or a loved one was working, we may be able to bring a personal injury claim against the property owner or a workers’ compensation claim.

A TBI can also be caused due to lack of oxygen during a medical procedure such as treatment for a heart attack or stroke or while a mother is delivering a child. When hospitals and doctors commit medical malpractice that causes a TBI, we hold negligent health care providers accountable.

Understanding traumatic brain injuries

At McGowan, Hood, and Felder, LLC, we understand that proving fault is just one element of a client’s case. We work with health care professional and other experts to examine both the cause and extent of the injuries incurred, so our attorneys can help anticipate all current and future medical costs. Our team of lawyers wants to ensure you get paid every penny you deserve. Some TBI patients may require a lifetime of medical care.

There are many symptoms that indicate a brain injury and many different types of brain injuries. Here are some of the conditions we review with neurologists, therapists and other members of the medical team:

  • Concussion. A concussion means your brain does not function normally because it moves around due to a blow or because of damage due to bruising, nerve injury or harm to the blood vessels. Symptoms include headaches, loss of cognitive function and loss of balance.
  • Post-concussion syndrome. When a concussion fails to fully heal, complications can ensue including anxiety and depression
  • Brain herniation or subarachnoid hemorrhage. Both these conditions can be fatal or cause severe complications. Bleeding and bruising are often key components
  • Strokes or cardiac problems. If blood doesn’t get to the brain or the blood vessels rupture, a stroke can occur.
  • Other serious complications. These can include an inability to awaken from sleep, slurred speech, extremity weakness, loss of balances, agitation and anxiety

A physician should see any adult or child who suffers a head blow or head wound immediately. You should also return for follow-up examinations and treatment.

Common effects of traumatic brain injury

Patients who suffer a traumatic brain injury may need many different types of physical and emotional therapies. Some of the many conditions the doctors and therapists will need to treat include:

  • Loss of physical skills. Patients can lose the ability to walk, their coordination, their strength and their endurance.
  • Loss of fine motor skills. Using one’s hands to do tasks such as writing or even holding a cup can be extremely difficult.
  • Cognitive difficulties. These can include the ability to remember events and people, the ability to speak properly and the ability to process information.

Skilled representation from serious South Carolina TBI lawyers

McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, are dedicated, driven, and committed to delivering results. Your traumatic brain injury accident case matters to us. If you suffered a TBI or a loved one died because of complications from a TBI, let us help you obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.

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