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Burn injuries are some of the most physically and psychologically traumatizing injuries a human being can experience. Severe burns are painful, disfiguring, emotionally damaging and sometimes fatal. Burn injury patients often face months, or even years, of painful medical procedures and rehabilitation, as well as potential emotional suffering. Catastrophic injuries like burns can significantly change the lives of both the victim and their loved ones.

The attorneys at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC represent clients with serious burn injuries. If you or a loved one were injured in a fire or explosion due to another’s negligence, we can help. Our lawyers have obtained million-dollar settlements and verdicts for personal injury victims. We have the successful track record, skills and resources to provide powerful legal counsel and representation in your time of need. Contact us today for help with your case.

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What are the different types of burn injuries?


Burns are not always localized injuries. They can affect many parts of the body, sometimes the whole body, causing damage to the skin, muscles, nerves, bone and blood vessels. Some of the types of personal injury cases our South Carolina burn accident lawyers handle include the following:

  • Radiation burns. Radiation burns can be caused by X-rays, radiation therapy used in the treatment of cancer, tanning beds, and UV rays (like the sun).
  • Thermal burns. Thermal burns are the most common type of burns affecting children. Hot objects such as boiling water, steam, oil or grease, hot metals, space heaters, electrical malfunctions and more can cause thermal burns. Thermal burns from gas tanks, auto accidents, boat or airplane accidents can also cause flammable items to ignite. These burns can happen quickly and be quite severe.
  • Inhalation burns. Inhaling smoke, toxic fumes or steam causes respiratory burns. If the ventilation is poor, the severity of the burn will likely be worse.
  • Electrical burns. High voltage wires, faulty electrical outlets and damaged electrical cords can cause electrical burns. Although the external burn may look minor, internal damage can be severe.
  • Chemical burns. Many compounds can cause chemical burns. Cleaning products, drain cleaners, battery fluids and the chemicals in swimming pools can cause internal and external burns that range from moderate to fatal (typically from accidental ingestion).

What are the major causes of burn injuries?


Burn injuries can be caused by a variety of things, whether stemming from a car crash, a defective product, or workplace accident:

  • Chemicals like gasoline, lye, or paint thinner
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Electrical currents and wires
  • Fires and smoldering objects
  • Hot liquids and steam
  • Hot metal, glass, or other objects
  • Radiation and other sources of UV

Burn injuries are also broken down into categories, according to the seriousness of the burn.

What are the categories of burn injuries?

Burn injuries fall into one of four categories.

  • First-degree burns. These damage the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis). A common example of a first-degree burn is a sunburn. First-degree burns are typically mild and will heal on their own. Seek medical attention if these occur over a large swath of the body or are extremely painful.
  • Second-degree burns. Second-degree burns damage both the outer and inner layer of the skin (epidermis and dermis). These types of burns are painful and may develop seeping blisters.
  • Third-degree burns. These types of burns destroy the epidermis, the dermis and underlying tissues. Third-degree burns will require skin grafts and typically result in severe scarring.
  • Fourth-degree burns. Fourth-degree burns go through the skins, fat, and muscle down to the bone. Victims may not experience any pain, as the nerve endings are destroyed. These types of burns are often fatal, and survivors will experience permanent scarring and complications.

What are potential complications of serious burn injuries?


Some of the long-term complications of serious burns include issues like scarring and disfigurement, restriction of motion and mobility, and infections throughout the slow, painful healing process. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can also be a psychological side effect of any type of burn injury. The circumstances of the initial accident can leave mental scars which the person re-experiences in the form of flashbacks, phobias, and anxiety.

Where can I receive burn injury care in South Carolina?


Burn injury treatment varies greatly depending on the severity of the injury. Patients may require surgical intervention, skin grafts, and removal of dead skin and tissues. It is important to receive professional experienced medical care with these types of injuries.

Major burn injury centers in South Carolina include:

Our attorneys can arrange to speak to you or your loved one in the hospital or treatment center if you are unable to meet with us.

What is my South Carolina burn injury case worth?


The personal injury lawyers at McGowan, Hood, Felder & Phillips, LLC know how devastating any type of burn injury can be. Most cases include a claim for medical bills, lost wages and physical pain. With a successful burn injury case, we hold the negligent and responsible party accountable for your losses and damages, including:

  • Medical expenses, current and future
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Our attorneys empathize with the extra difficulties burn injury victims suffer. Along with surgeries and skin grafts, many patients suffer emotional as well as physical scars. Our lawyers fight to hold liable parties accountable for every loss.

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