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Meet Kambrell Garvin, Injury Attorney

There may come a time in your life where you are injured, and you’re going to need an attorney on your side. You’re going to need someone who can help you through the process of making a claim, and who can represent your best interests during a trial. Kambrell Garvin hopes he will be that…

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Black Patients and Pain – How Old Myths Still Hurt Today

Long-standing myths about black people are pervasive in healthcare. False notions and flat-out racism stemming all the way back to days of slavery still affect the black healthcare experience today. Do black patients have thicker skin? Less nerve endings? Does their blood coagulate more quickly? The answer to these questions is no. And the research…

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OB-GYN Group Accuses Prisma Health of “Life-Threatening Medical Incompetence” in Lawsuit

A recent court filing by South Carolina OB-GYN Associates alleges the group left the Prisma Health network due to ongoing dangerous conditions at the hospital formerly known as Palmetto Baptist Richland. The allegations are part of a counter-suit filed by S.C. OB-GYN Associates in response to Prisma’s lawsuit filed against the doctors, for breaking their…

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