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Sep 13, 2018

da Vinci Surgical Robots Have Been Linked to At Least 144 Deaths

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(This is part of a series, presented by McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, titled “Life on The Bleeding Edge: How the FDA Won’t Keep You Safe.” To learn more, please read Part One and Part Two.) When we were kids (well, at least for some of us), the future promised it would be filled with [...]

Sep 11, 2018

FDA Issues Warning against Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures, Citing Potential for Severe Injury

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The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to women who are considering vaginal rejuvenation cosmetic procedures that would use energy-based devices. Per the FDA, “To date, we have not cleared or approved for marketing any energy-based devices” for the procedure. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb made an additional statement about the devices used [...]

Sep 5, 2018

10 Million People with Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacements Are at Risk of Being Poisoned by Cobalt

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(This is part of a series, presented by McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, titled “Life on The Bleeding Edge: How the FDA Won’t Keep You Safe.” To learn more, please read Part One.) In the Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge, you meet an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Stephen Tower. He is shown biking around Anchorage, [...]

May 29, 2018

Warnings of Elevated Lymphoma Risk in Women With Textured Breast Implants

By |May 29, 2018|Medical Devices|0 Comments

Since breast implants were initially introduced onto the market in the 1960s, issues concerning their safety have been debated ever since. The controversy about their safety even led to a 14 year ban by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) on silicone gel implants for cosmetic enhancement (1992-2006). Today, the most popular type of cosmetic surgical [...]

May 17, 2018

What Injuries are Women Suffering After Having Essure Birth Control Implants?

By |May 17, 2018|Defective Products, Medical Devices|0 Comments

The Essure permanent birth control system was approved by the FDA as a sterilization option for women who wanted a less invasive option for sterilization than the traditional tubal ligation procedure. Essure is a pair of metal coils about the length of your little finger that are implanted into the Fallopian Tubes. The metal coils [...]

Apr 6, 2018

The FDA Medical Device Safety Approval Process is Flawed and May Get Worse

By |Apr 6, 2018|Medical Devices|0 Comments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently using a flawed regulatory framework to approve medical devices. The current framework has been unsuccessful in protecting people from dangerous drugs and defective medical devices, and it is unclear how an even faster track approval process is going to safeguard American consumers. How does the FDA [...]

Mar 13, 2018

Proton-pump Inhibitor Injuries

By |Mar 13, 2018|Medical Devices|0 Comments

You have likely seen commercials on television for drugs such as Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid. These proton pump inhibitors come in prescription strength and over-the-counter versions of a drug that reduces acid in the stomach. Though generally accepted as safe and reliable for long-term use, some people who have taken PPIs have suffered injuries, and [...]

Feb 23, 2018

Minimal Medical Device Regulations Pose Serious Dangers to Metal Hip Implant Patients

By |Feb 23, 2018|Medical Devices|0 Comments

Medical devices such as pacemakers, cardiac stents, surgical mesh, defibrillators, heart valves, artificial joints, and nerve stimulators are given to patients commonly in the United States. In fact, approximately 32 million Americans have one or more medical devices implanted in their bodies. Although, many of these devices provide health saving benefits, too many of them [...]

Feb 1, 2018

Latest Decision May Help Victims of Bair Hugger Warming Devices Pursue Justice

By |Feb 1, 2018|Medical Devices|0 Comments

3M, the Maplewood-based giant manufacturer, which is well-known for selling innovative office and home improvements supplies, also sells Bair Hugger warming blankets, a forced air patient warming device used in hospitals. The device is designed to keep patients warm during surgery and thus prevent infections and promote overall healing. However, thousands of people have taken [...]

Nov 30, 2017

Pre-Trials Are Underway for Defective Bair Hugger Surgical Warming Blankets

By |Nov 30, 2017|Medical Devices|0 Comments

The company 3M – best known for manufacturing the Scotch tape you used in school – also manufactures Bair Hugger surgical warming blankets. These “blankets” are inflatable, and attached to a device which warms the air; that air is then circulate through the blankets.  They are placed over patients before, during and after surgery, to [...]

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