Aug30, 2018

Jury Awards $289 Million in Lawsuit Claiming Monsanto’s Roundup Leads to Cancer

By |Aug 30, 2018|Categories: Defective Products|0 Comments

A jury in San Francisco has awarded Dewayne Johnson $289 million in his lawsuit against Monsanto. Mr. Johnson is dying of cancer, which he claims was a result of using “Roundup weedkiller [sic] 20 to [...]

Aug23, 2018

Widespread Negligence in U.S. Hospitals Is Leading to Preventable Maternal Deaths

By |Aug 23, 2018|Categories: Birth Injury|0 Comments

Every year in the U.S., about 50,000 women suffer serious injuries during the process of childbirth. Additionally, some 700 mothers lose their lives in what is supposed to be a joyous occasion. As a recent [...]

Aug21, 2018

Infections Causing Sepsis Can Be Caused by Many Things, Even a Lick from Your Dog

By |Aug 21, 2018|Categories: Medical Negligence|0 Comments

Many of us have furry friends at home. They show love by licking us at times. It’s probably never crossed your mind that your pup’s expression of love could lead to a life-threatening medical condition. [...]

Aug16, 2018

Life on The Bleeding Edge: How the FDA Won’t Help Keep You Safe

By |Aug 16, 2018|Categories: Defective Products|0 Comments

On July 20, 2018, Bayer announced that it would finally stop selling Essure, a form of birth control that was supposed to cause permanent female sterilization, at the end of 2018. On July 27, 2018, [...]

Aug14, 2018

What Causes Pressure Sores in Nursing Homes?

By |Aug 14, 2018|Categories: Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect|0 Comments

One of the most common injuries in nursing homes is pressure sores, also known as “pressure ulcers.” Even though they are one of the most common injuries to nursing home residents, they're also one of [...]

Aug9, 2018

Wrongful Death and Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

By |Aug 9, 2018|Categories: Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect|0 Comments

We place a great amount of trust into nursing homes that take care of our mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and other family members. We expect that the people we love will be treated with respect [...]

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