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About Our Drug Injury Lawyers’ Fees

About Our Drug Injury Lawyers’ Fees

Lawyers’ Fees For South Carolina Dangerous Drug Law Firm. We’re Here For You

Our law firm represents individuals who suffered devastating personal injuries or families whose loved one has died due to dangerous drugs or defective medical devices. Our drug injury attorneys pursue individual lawsuits as well as representing clients nationwide in mass tort and pharmaceutical litigation. We understand that victims rarely have the resources to pursue justice on their own, and we therefore offer contingency fee arrangements to our prospective clients.

Contingency Attorney Fee Arrangements Help Victims

Corporate defendants and insurance companies are willing to spend massive amounts of money and resources to intimidate and prevent victims from filing or pursuing lawsuits. Our firm believes it is extremely unjust for a person to feel unable to seek justice in a court of law simply because of lack of funds. This is why we offer contingency fee arrangements to our prospective clients.

Contingency fee arrangements provide for your attorneys to receive payment only after the case has settled out of court or after a trial with a favorable verdict. Our firm will advance court costs, administrative fees and expert witness expenses, for which we will only receive reimbursement if we recover money for you.

You Pay Nothing If Your Case is Not Successful

Our drug injury law firm only takes cases where innocent individuals suffered harm due to dangerous drugs or defective medical devices that were available because of corporate negligence. Our attorney fees reflect both work done on your behalf as well as the risk involved. We therefore are willing to advance the costs of litigation, and we will only receive attorney fees and reimbursement if your case is successful.

Contact our Drug Injury Lawyers Today

It is unacceptable for victims to suffer injuries caused by the wrongdoing of others and not have the funds to pursue legal action. In addition to providing compensation and monetary relief for victims and families, drug injury lawsuits hold responsible parties accountable to the public. This protects others innocent people from becoming victims themselves. As we work on contingency fee arrangements and advance the costs of litigation, you will not pay or owe us anything unless your case is successful. Your life is our mission; contact our firm today to learn more about how we can help.

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