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Why Hire Our Firm

Why Hire Our Firm

Why Hire Our South Carolina Dangerous Drug Lawyers. Get Honest Answers

When a person suffers a serious personal injury due to recalled or dangerous drugs, it is imperative to find legal representation that has knowledge, skill and experience with complex pharmaceutical litigation. The drug and insurance industries will use massive resources to prevent their wrongdoing from being exposed, and therefore injured people must seek out drug injury attorneys who are fully equipped to fight for victims’ rights against powerful defendants.

The Combined Experience of Our Drug Injury Lawyers

Every attorney in our legal team is a skilled litigator, and some of us have been representing victims of personal injury, pharmaceutical negligence and medical malpractice for over 30 years. Our attorneys pursue cases for both individual drug injury lawsuits, as well as large-scale pharmaceutical litigation and class action lawsuits throughout the nation. Our combined depth of experience against large corporate defendants is reflected by our history of securing million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Advanced Evidentiary and Computer Technologies

Modern litigation involving multiple corporate defendants will require a law firm who understands that access to the latest evidentiary and computer technology is essential for a successful case. A common defense tactic is to overwhelm the victim’s attorneys with paperwork and electronic data, but our firm is equipped to handle any computer or technological challenge that presents itself in pharmaceutical or mass tort litigation.

Thorough Investigations and Access to Experts

Cases involving dangerous drugs or defective medical devices will require thorough investigations and expert evaluations and testimony. Our firm has a network of medical professionals who investigate the physical evidence and provide expert witness testimony. Having the full support of respected medical authorities will provide the necessary leverage against defendants to negotiate a settlement or prove the case at trial.

Offering Contingency Fee Arrangements

Most victims do not have the necessary financial resources to bring a case to trial on their own. Our firm passionately believes that every injured individual should have access to our legal system, and we therefore offer contingency attorney fee arrangements. We advance costs and expert witness fees to our clients and only receive reimbursement and fees after successfully settling or litigating your case, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Contact our Drug Injury Lawyers Today

Pharmaceutical litigation serves dual purposes: Victims receive financial compensation for the injuries and wrongs inflicted upon them, and the public at large is informed of the dangerous drugs and defective medical devices on the marketplace. If you have sustained a serious medical injury due to others’ negligence or have been taking a medication that is now subject to a FDA recall, contact our firm to learn about your options and how we can help.

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