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South Carolina Injury Attorneys Fighting for Families after Birth Injuries

South Carolina injury attorney Randy Hood and his legal team are honored to help families who have endured the trauma of birth injuries to a child during labor. If you are unsure whether you have a case, contact South Carolina injury lawyers at McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC toll free at 888-302-7546.

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My name is Randy Hood.  I’m with the law firm of McGowan, Hood and Felder in South Carolina.  I’m honored to represent families and people who have been injured by the negligence of a medical doctor, a hospital, or nurse or some other medical professional.  In that regard, I represent lots of families who have suffered through a situation involving the injury of a child.  Many times it happens because there are some type of a process that occurs during the childbirth delivery that results in damages to a child.

The types of injuries that can flow from this type of claim involved a brain injury, something called Erb’s palsy, something called Klumpke’s palsy and you can have something called cerebral palsy.  All of these different types of injuries result in a devastating type of injury to a child.

Cerebral palsy can have physical effects or cognitive or mental effects.  It can affect a child’s ability to speak, a child’s ability to blink, a child’s ability to swallow.  Overall, it can create horrible, horrible injuries.  It’s usually caused because during the childbirth process, there is a lack of oxygen to the brain.  It can happen in any number of different ways, but essentially the child is deprived of oxygen at birth.

In an Erb’s palsy case or Klumpke’s Palsy case, it is usually something that occurs during a process known as a shoulder dystocia delivery.  During this particular delivery, the shoulder of the child, the fetus, is stuck on the pelvic bone of the mother.  The doctor, in trying to extricate the child from the birth canal, causes an evulsion or a rupture of particular nerve endings that attach to the spinal cord.  This results in severe damage to the nerves that extend to the shoulder and or to the hand.  Regardless, whether it’s cerebral palsy, brain injury, Erb’s palsy, or Klumpke’s palsy these are all very devastating injuries that occurred during the childbirth process.  Call us if we can help in any way.  Thank you.

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